Video to Dvd transfers. We take your home and corporate videos and archive them on Dvd discs. When home video swept the nation nearly 10 years ago, the tape manufacturers were not thinking about saving memories on tape. The main use they proposed was to tape television shows, watch them later then discard the tape when it became too worn to use. Consumers had another idea; they wanted to use their machines to make home videos, a modern day moving photo album. Unfortunately the tapes these were shot on only have a projected lifespan of 10-15 years. Even if the tapes are not watched very often, the magnetic material of the tape slowly falls off, gradually destroying your precious memories. (We can transfer from any video format…Even Betamax!!!) Why Dvd? Dvd’s have a lifespan of 150-200 years. The discs are digitally recorded so that they maintain the best quality, and are not subject to wear and tear since only a small light ever touches the surface of the disc. They are also small and much easier to store.